Against Dengue

motivo-1SS 150U y SS180Umotivo-2

SS 150F and SS180F are portable thermal fogger designed to create smoke using solvent-based chemical disinfectants. It allows achieving maximum effect over a wide operational area. This Models are effective in the removing of several vectors, including those generated by insects.

The nebulizers are highly recognized for their quality as they are optimal equipment to give continuity to disinfection and extermination of insects aiming at the improvement of urban environments.



  • Auto On : Easy and fast with the push of a button.
  • Waste remover device: Free of waste that stops the equipment.
  • Storage tank.
  • High precision carburetor.
  • Stainless steel tank.
  • Dual ventilation cooling device .
  • Double cooling device that stops outward sent heat during use.
  • Automatic stopping device, this is activated when the spraying is interrupted without closing the valve or when the machine is suddenly stopped, preventing the risk of fire.

Larvicide Insecticide organoforado (T.M Fos 1% G. y 500 C.E.)

An organophosphorus compound is developed as mosquito larvicide and insecticide, with highly effective action against larvae of Anopheles spp., Aedes spp. Culex spp., And Culiseta spp. Chirinomidas and gnats, it has also been found active against black fly larvae Simulidae, midges and biting Ceratoponidae moth flies and sand.

G. T. M 1% Fos and 500 C.E. It is a mosquito larvicide that attacks during the most vulnerable life stage (larva stage). A larvicide based Fos TM program removes large quantities before they reach into adult mosquitoes, which are vectors of malaria, dengue and other diseases.