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  • Professional stethoscope

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    The Professional stethoscope is equipped with perfect acoustics that allows precise auscultation of heart, lung and vascular sounds. It is a general-purpose stethoscope recommended for family medicine and nursing.

    • Stethoscope general use, ideal for doctors and nurses
    • Dual head chestpiece (bell and flat diaphragm) stainless steel with anti-cold ring.
    • Available in adult and pediatric version
    • Interchangeable Rotary Binaurals for Comfort Sealing
    • Latex free.


  • LightWeight Stethoscope

    LightWeight Stethoscope: When weight and economy are very important LightWeight is the stethoscope to choose. This rests comfortably in your neck or coat and offers superior sound that all the WelchAllyn stethoscopes offer.

    • Stethoscope in general use.
    • Lightweight hood with anti cold hoop.
    • Adjustable binaural.
    • Latex free.
  • Harvey Elite Stethoscope

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    Harvey Elite offers modern design, superior comfort and auscultation capabilities demanded by cardiologists. Its stainless steel heads transmit sounds crisp and clear. It has a chest piece for use in pediatric patients.

    • Comfortable new length of 71 cm
    • Harvey DLX, a full range of cardiology stethoscope / pulmonology
    • Dual head chestpiece (bell and flat diaphragm) stainless steel with anti-cold ring.
    • Optional chest piece for pediatric patients
    • Interchangeable Binaural rotating stainless steel and olives for Comfort Sealing .
    • The bow spring is three sheets polyurethane lined and easily adjust the size allows avoiding breakage.
    • Latex Free.


  • Harvey DLX Stethoscope

    Available colors
    colores disponibles

    The Harvey ™ DLX stethoscopes are specifically designed to accentuate important sounds and let you listen the heart, lung and vascular sounds without using complicated “techniques of apply different pressure” on the head of the product.

    The Harvey ™ DLX has two tubes which provide a single channel sound to each ear, allowing listening of more subtle features of murmurs and heart sounds more clearly. The tubes are also thicker developed to filter out environmental noise typical in busy environments.

    • New tube length of 71 cm
    • Complete line of cardiology stethoscopes / pulmonology
    • Available with dual head chest piece (bell and flat diaphragm) or triple head (hood, flat corrugated membrane and membrane).
    • Thoracic and chromed binaural metal parts.
    • Binaural and interchangeable rotating olives for Comfort Sealing
    • Binaural bow spring triple double coated polyurethane sheet allows preventing of breakage.
    • Latex free